Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Master List of Gardens of Time Quests

Here is the full list of all of the known quests in Gardens of Time! (Note: this is a work in progress at this point).

The Manor Awaits
2 Star Giza Riverfront
Visit Lulu's Garden
Increase Reputation
Peril at the Pyramids
2 Star Pyramid Shadows
Victorian Gardening
The Two Tombs
Star Challenge
2 Star Egyptian Tomb Paradox
Add Egyptian Flair
Cue Bricks
Reach 1,000 Reputation
Eleanor Confronted
Loose Ends
2 Star Hourglass Study
Being Neighborly
Build the Egyptian Temple
Partners in Time
The Wonder of Big Ben
Desert Oasis
2 Star Streets of Florence
3 Star Egyptian Tomb Paradox
Trials by Ire
Victorian Gardening 2
Blitz Challenge Round 1
Star Challenge
Back in the Drink
An Appeal to Eleanor
Under London
Guards of Horus
Trial's End
Victorian Gardening 3


  1. I had the Panda Refuge, put it in storage and place it back in my garden. It says I have to complete the Ancient Chinese Quest in order to complete it. Any ideas what this quest involves? (I already have the max number of stars on every board.)

  2. I also have the panda refuge; now I am worried that I missed other gifts/rewards. Were the other rewards just silver coins?