Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gardens of Time: How to Earn XP

Leveling up allows you to access bigger and better decorations, artifacts, and buildings.  To level up, you need to earn experience (XP).  This guide will teach you how to earn XP in Gardens of Time.

Complete Scenes

Playing Gardens of Time and completing scenes will give you XP depending on how well you did on the particular scene.

Visit Neighbors

Every 24 hours you can visit a neighbor's Garden.  Visiting them will earn you 50 XP.

Buy Buildings and Decorations

All items under the build menu (except Wonders and Paths) will give you XP.  The XP values can be found by hovering over each item.

Do Quests

Completing quests is not only fun and unlocks new parts of the story, but it also gives you XP for each quest you complete.

Are there more ways to earn XP that we have missed?  Leave a comment here and let us know!

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