Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gardens of Time: How to Earn Coins

In Gardens of Time, you need coins in order to buy decorations, expansions, and buildings (which are needed to gain reputation so that you can play more scenes and unlock new chapters of the story).  Earning coins comes naturally throughout the game, but you might find yourself wanting extra coins for something expensive.  Here is a complete guide that will show you how to get coins in Gardens of Time.

Complete Quests

Each time you complete a quest, you earn coins.  Most quests give out 50 silver, which is a decent amount of money.  This isn't the fastest way to earn coins, but it is one of the more fun ways because you will get to learn more about the exciting story in Gardens of Time.

Visit Neighbors

You can visit your neighbors one time per day for a sweet bonus reward.


When visiting neighbors, you can find a patron with an exclamation over their head who has claimed to have lost something.  Click on them to start a "Blitz Mode" in which you can try to click and find as many objects in a scene as possible within 60 seconds.  This will give you coins based on how many you find.  A great way to earn extra money!

Level Up

When you level up in Gardens of Time you will earn coins for each time.

Complete Scenes

Playing the game and completing scenes will earn you coins for each time you play.  You will earn more coins if you score high.

Trade Gold For Coins

If you happen to have extra gold (or real life money) laying around, you can exchange your gold for coins.  The exchange rates are as follows:

5 Gold -> 3,640 coins
10 Gold -> 7,280 coins
15 Gold -> 10,920 coins

Are there more ways to earn coins that we have missed?  Leave a comment here and let us know!

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