Monday, May 30, 2011

Gardens of Time Quest: Victorian Gardening 3

This request requires players to purchase a Birdbath and a Garden Patio from the store.  The Birdbath can be found in the Decorations tab of the Build menu, and the Garden Patio is in the Artifacts tab.


  1. I hate that whenever there's a quest like that and you already have the according things in your garden or inventory you still have to buy a new one so that it counts...
    Money is hard to get by, anyway, and you end up spending more on the quest then you get as a reward, that's stupid, isn't it?
    At least the game accepts paysafeards so that I can get all the buy-only items. Hat to use my credit card on internet games and some still don't accept anything else.

  2. Sweet!! Free Gardens Of Time BOT

    >> <<

  3. What is the highest level .. I'm at 69 but only see one other at 70 .. curious ? Thank you, Belinda

  4. Need dedicated friends in Gardens of Time

    1. I'll be your friend, cause I play all the time and need someone to send me stuff, and I send them back. So let's be friends.